Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Donnington Performance and Kit Car Show

Having talked to the guys at MNR the collection date for the main parts of our kit looks to be around christmas time. Slightly later than we expected but its probably for the best seeing as the dinning room is completly bare (no flooring or wall paper), we still haven't bought any vital tools (ie rivnut tool and a new tap and die set) and I have various exams, presentations and karting meets filling up my schedule. So I thought I'd update the blog with a couple of pictures from the Donnington kit car show a few weeks back where the MNR Vortx was really sold to us by Chris and Marc. It was a really good day albeit very windy outside. Nice to see the diversity of the Kit Car community including some very strange creations that I probably didn't take pictures of, a huge swarm of Caterhams, Robin Hoods and Westfields. I think we saw one or two MNR's, is that a bad sign? we hope not.
A couple of Tiger kit cars

An orange Tiger with black wheels which was our initial choice when making the kit car decision.


If your wondering who these two are in the car, its myself and my dad having our first sit in an MNR Vortx.

An MNR Vortx fitted with a bike engine, a Suzuki GSX-R Hayabusa 1.3 lump looking very tidy!

The Ultima GTR, the fastest car in the world setting record breaking 0-60 and 0-100 times.

R1 clocks


One of my all time favourite cars. If ours pans out i may try to build one of these beasties in the future.