Sunday, 23 March 2008

Build Day 7

Now its Easter sunday the weather is shocking, freezing cold and snowing in March! Whilst revising in the morning I heard some sawing thinking that's a bit strange. Looking out the window I see my dad trimming the second interior panel outside whilst it's hailing. He used the first notched panel as a template for the other side, marked it up and then trimmed it.

Thats all for the interior panels as we're not permanently fixing the panels until other components like rear suspension and throttle and clutch cables are in.
With the interior panels pre fitted and my Dad having bought some more bolts, washers, nuts, tools and wiring clips we can finish previous stages.

Finishing the Fuel Pipe

My dad picked up a pipe bender from Screwfix so we can now bend the pipes. The prop needs to come out first to reach into the tunnel. We tried to bend the pipe with the tool, but as most of the pipe was secured half way down the tunnel it was useless as you need a lot of space to maneouver it. We were now back to stage one, simply bending the pipe by hand with cable inserted to stop it kinking. With the engine cradle in place we moved the pipe to where it could be secured without hitting the engine.

Once both were in position we could centre punch, drill (5mm), file, seal, p-clip and rivet(5mm) the pipe into place. The pipe bender did come in handy bending the pipe ends though. We then flared the ends for where the flexible pipe would start.

Finishing the Wiring

The new wiring clips we have are 20mm ID and use a m6 bolt to secure them. Using two of these clips we secured the wiring to the top of the tunnel by drilling two 6mm holes in the tunnel panel. Using 2xm6 (HT 8.8) bolts with washers and nyloc nuts we secured the clip in place.

Propshaft Refitment

After a good clean of the tunnel the prop can now go back in place. We tightened the loctited diff bolts to 69Nm. The centre bearing bolts were loctited to 76Nm.

Thats it for this weekend, time for me to watch the Grand Prix re-run as no one watches it half way through the night, except for my Dad that is. Keep checking for updates as next weekend the engine goes in!