Saturday, 12 April 2008

Detling Kit Car Show

Instead of building away for hours in the garage we've taken a day out for the Detling kit car show. Other than seeing the new manufacturer cars and other owners cars there are also a few trade stands. As the sun was out we first had a look round the owners cars section. There weren't half as many cars as we saw at Donnington but there were quite a few Cobras. As for 7's there was a big group of Dax Rush's and again only 1 MNR. After seeing the MNR we're starting to realise our drive is quite steep and the car is very, very low. It may never leave the drive but either way we can't stop building now!

Here are all the pictures I took as I spent most my time looking at how everything compared on other cars to ours.

All the trade stands were inside and packed full of people trying to get bargains early on. Later in the day we managed to see what was on offer and we got a few bits and made some good savings on nut and bolt covers, U trim, foam strip, a horn, rivets etc. By the time we came out at 3 after the torrential rain most of the cars had gone so we made our way home following a convoy of full weather gear 7 replica's which sounded great.