Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Mini update

Its been almost 2 months but being in my final year of my degree the work load is really taking a toll on the rest of my life. Weekends in the garage have been replaced by weekends in the library which I'm sure will be worth it but at the moment it's as fun as it sounds. The wiring's quite involved so I've given up on that untill I'm finished in June. My Dad's been doing a few solo projects like trimming the final interior panel, tunnel cover and making templates for when the bodywork's fitted. He's spent ages (few hours most weekends!) on all of it so I'm sure it's going to look good. Also I haven't got the patience for these sort of things so gets me out of a boring job later on :) To get the suspension in correctly he has had to open up the brackets on the chassis (to the size of the crush tube), fit the crush tubes and bushes to the wishbones. From a recent issue on MNR's front lower wishbone, as a recommendation we've had to fit it with the circlip at the bottom to avoid the spherical insert being pulled out. It's great to see a few bits on the car, its pretty wide so were having trouble getting to the beer fridge!

Suspension mock up

Suspension cut out template to transfer to body tub