Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas has come early!!!

Today's the day and 4 months certainly have flown by for me, not for my Dad though as he's dead excited. The build has come at a great time really as we both have time off to participate in the build and the family are around to offer an extra set of hands.

The garage is the cleanest I've ever seen it in over 18 years! Usually packed full of cement mixers, 4 bikes, compressors, my tools, gardening and decorating gear, rubbish and all sorts of bits and pieces. Now you can even see the carpeted floor that I never knew existed! The work bench is considerably shorter after it met it's match with a saw, the frezzer and racking have all been moved to the sides so here's how it now looks with some home made tressels.

This morning we were up way to early considering im a student on christmas break. We picked up the Van from Rent a Van and of course the one we requested (very long, LWB Renault Traffic Master) was not available so settled for a New Transit which was a fair bit shorter leaving us slighly annoyed. Not a great start but anyway we set off to Yorkshire at about 9.

Reached the MNR premises about 2ish and had a quick chat and a cup of tea. The guys have worked extremly hard and got our kit, name "No 80" completly ready in time.
A picture of Vortx No 80 inside the MNR workshop.

Here is the Van jam packed full ok kit. It took a while but everything was covered in bubble wrap and cloth. Luckily the Transit was just about long enough.

Everything fitted in the van rather snuggly and we began the trek home which wasn't that bad albeit 5 hours long. We got some of the kit in the garage then realised just how big the chassis was. There are so many parts I could barely believe it. Seeing it at MNR it looks quite small inside a huge workshop. However it wasn't going to fit as we need space to work round the chassis so we started filling other rooms including the utility room, back room my room and even the garden. A module kit buying parts as you need is definetly something we would consider and recommend if we were to do this again.

Its a great feeling having it all home with all the planning and patience over. Onto the build being such a well built kit, thought out thoroughly, other MNR owners believe the build can be done in less than 200 build hours. One has even been done in a short few weeks but with the added luxury of building it at MNR and working non stop. However the only target we are setting ourselves is to build a car as close to immaculate as possible. We're both the sort of people who are never happy with that niggly bit that went a bit pear shaped so prepare to stay tuned to quite a long build! Although we're hoping to get a couple of drives out of 2008.