Sunday, 23 December 2007

Build Begins

After seeing how much kit there is we've made a big attempt to reorganise everything so it now only fills the garage, garden and loft. This is our starting point with our chassis and it's ally floor pannels riveted and sealed up.

It's got to be said the chassis looks fantastic and the guys at MNR have done a top job. Before we get started on the panels we read through the brief 120 page build manual. The chassis we have is not the original MNR design used in the guide but has seen years of continuos improvement being tweeked to make it better and stronger.
First thing we noticed is that its more of a rough guide leaving quite a lot up to the builder of the kit. Bolting piece A to piece B in a Mechano style wouldn't be challenging and we're glad ours isn't and we quite look forward to this other than the wiring. Eager to get started we riveted the ally bulkhead panels in place. Before long theres already a big concern. The roll bar looks much taller than we specified.

After measuring up the chassis we've decided the roll bar is just too high from what we specified. Me and my Dad arent exactly tall so have 9 inches head clearance. With my helmet on it's still 7 inches so were going to reduce this but still at a safe level incase of a roll. MNR have been great with this as I'm sure this will mess up their schedules and take them a while to pick up, remove, re-weld, powdercoat and return. So the build will almost stop and everything we had done; panels, brake lines, cylinders, pedals, fuel line and tank has to be removed. We can't do much as everything at the start is fitted directly to the chassis. However we're going to keep ourselves busy so that once it's back we can move at a much quicker pace, including;

  • Attatch the sump baffle and clutch springs

  • Full engine clean

  • Repaint the clutch, camshaft and timing belt covers

  • Full engine service - plugs, oil and filter etc

  • Assemble suspension, hubs, wishbones

  • Buy additional small bits and pieces

  • Prepare wiring

  • Recondition donor parts