Sunday, 20 January 2008

New Chassis and mini update (with new pics)

Richard Hill kindly delivered our new chassis today. It looks great like the last one with the minor adjustments we required and Marc just can't leave these chassis alone, it's only been a month and it's already changed again with some new brackets and structural support. So heres how it now looks, bare again!

Also a few other bits have been unpacked so here are the front calipers and discs.

These are the aluminium hubs without the bolts in. To get the bolts through the tight holes in the hub we are going to use washers over the thread, and tighten a nut on the top to pull the thread through.

Whilst the new chassis was being built we've begun cleaning. I bought some cleaning solution (swafega metal cleaner and rust remover), basically acid to clean the engine and other bits up. We started with the steering column. I haven't got a before shot but it was rough and rusted. Applied the solution, slightly diluted and using some wet and dry we attacked the column. It ended up looking like this.

We're going to put some Kurust on the slightly deep pitted bits then give it a thin coat of Hammerite.

The hubs and carriers arent too bad with just some surface rust. With the cleaning solution and a wire brush I spent quite a while removing as much of it as I could.
I got most of it off but it is heavily pitted so I'm going to use some heavy duty rust converting gel to make it paintable and stop the problem reoccuring.
This is the finished articles sprayed in smooth black Hammerite

Using the cleaning solution the job was taking ages with not overly impressive results. So instead with wire brush drill attachments we tried again. Now we were getting somewhere!

From the top the engine is looking really good and just needs to be finished up with some Autosol.

New pics
The new steering wheel arrived after only 4 months!!!!! At least it was worth the wait. The real leather feels much better than pleather and feels great in your hands. Only issue will be wiring the wheel's push button horn and we might need to have it on a dash mounted button instead

The drive shafts before and after with fresh grease, new gaitors and a lick of paint

The differential before and after with some matt paint

The Sierra rear callipers before electrolysis, new seals, bolts and paint