Sunday, 2 March 2008

Build Day 3

Scuttle panel part II

Being Mothers day my Dad went to see my Grandma so we started later than usual. As we started the scuttle panel last Sunday we wanted to get this job sorted out first. Before we permanetly riveted it down we wanted to check the battery cables could be routed to the battery and that the battery would fit. Bending some flat bar aluminium we made a battery craddle. It's held together by some 5mm rivets as although its a small bike battery it still weighs quite a bit. Where the battery would sit in the craddle we covered the flat bar in rubber stick foam strips.

With the battery live and earth in the tunnel we needed to route it to the battery. We did this by drilling 2x12.5mm holes in the tunnel panels, filed them to size and fitted 2 large wiring grommets. Then in the aluminium scuttle panel we drilled 2x10mm holes and attached 2 smaller wiring grommets. We could then feed the cables through where they would meet the battery. Minor problem with the earth as it's too short but easily sorted at a later date. Once this was done I could rivet the panel in place

Fuel pump

Today's new stage is to start with the fueling. We're starting with the pump; the Bosch unit needs to be mounted externally of the fuel tank. From having the diff in previously we knew where the pump could be mounted. Ours is going to be mounted underneath the left drive shaft on the chassis. To start with we used two pieces of ally flat bar and shaped them around the pump leaving space to put bolts through. We then used some 6mm thick rubber foam strip and laid it on the inside of the brackets we had made so the pump is held securely and can't be damaged by the bracket.

We drilled two 6mm holes through the chassis to locate the brackets. Then we passed the m6 set screws through the bracket and chassis with nuts and washers to hold it in place as tight as possible. This is how the pump looks bolted in place.

To get the fuel hose over the flared pipe I immersed them in boiling water for a few minutes then connected them up to the car with some jubilee clips.