Sunday, 11 January 2009

Build Day 21

Being on its wheels the car is now moveable so we thought we would tackle a few tasks in the brisk outdoors even though its in the minus figures but its just so much easier to move around. First thing you might/might not notice is following some advice from a fellow MNR builder and Marc from MNR we have flipped over our wishbones so the circlip is on the bottom which leaves the pushrod long but is safer, and the pushrod we can sort out after SVA.

Previously we had just had the wheels on when we have had the car on the floor so were starting the day with the rear brakes as the fronts are very easy. First thing was to tighten the hub nut as this brings the hub to the point where the disc will sit so the caliper can be slid over. This needs a 41mm socket and a lot of force to tigthen to 250-290ish lb/ft. This went on simply by cleaning the disc and putting it over the studs. The pads push into the calipers and can be fitted. Ours required a bit of the powder coating from one on the sliding bracket to be removed and the piston to be wound back which is a bit tough as it needs clockwise rotation and to be pushed in at the same time. Once in the calipers and pads go over the disc and with a washer between the caliper and caliper carrier we bolted them in place with serrated washers.

Here are some snaps and one with the wheel on which looks pretty good.

Handbrake Cable

The handbrake cable has been finalised using two sierra handbrake cables(sierra 80-90with discs, First Line FKB 1151 for reference). Why have we used two? well one side is longer than the other and only one side has adjusters. The MNR setup is not exactly made for the way we have mounted our calipers - calipers at the rear of the upright. Firstly it needs to be long which only one side was and secondly theres no way to hold the cable in place so were using the adjusters(plastic but we hope they will hold) to secure the cable throught the chassis hole. The cables then go through the MNR supplied quadrant and secured with small U clips.

Rear Arches

Finally we had a go at the rear arches. One side has a higher gradient slope which is the front so we got them the right way round and covered facing areas with masking tape. We started with a very high ride height about 18-20cm's but to get the arch fitted as close as possible we lowered it to 14cm's. Marked the arch position then worked out where it could be attached as there are a few chassis rails behind the tub which wouldnt let us use our short M5 desired bolts. Then we transferred these notes to the arches and drilled holes where we could about every 3 inches apart.

This could then be transferred to the tub, we drilled three, put the bolts in then marked the rest and drilled them. We arent fixing the arches just yet but il get a picture up soon. This is because we often take the wheels off to make getting round the garage easier as the car just about fits let alone with us two trying to work on it.