Saturday, 10 January 2009

Build Day 20 - Its on the floor!

We came to a point today where we realised we had nothing to do other than lower the car to the floor which felt great but also a bit daunting.

If youve been reading this is how the car has been for a while, launched in the air on 3-4ft tall tressles. We needed to get it down to our 4 1ft tall axle stands. To get stands on the front we had to trim the inner tub taking a substantial amount off. After some careful planning we hoped to raise the rear, remove the rear tressle then go for the front in the same manner. I had my doubts that being held at different angles the hole thing would slip over in a top gear style catastrophe. With the help of James, Pete and my mum we lifted it up into the air with beams of wood supporting the rear floor only and not the GRP bodywork. My mum swiftly pulled the tressle away and moved the axle stands into our chalk marked positions whilst us 4 lifting slowly felt the pinging of muscles in our backs. It all went smoothly and fell into the axle stands. Now its really at a steep angle - the front high on a tressle and low at the rear so James and Pete quickly lifted the front from the cross bar and me and dad rammed the stands into the planned position straight after my mum pulled the tressel away.

A timeline of todays pictures - up on tressles to finally holding itself up on wheels