Sunday, 25 January 2009

Build Day 23

After last weekends amazing progress its straight back to where we left off. Now we know the engine runs we want to check the power commander works(box of tricks that allow you to alter the engines performance with a laptop). Installation is pretty easy - disconnect the injector wiring and plug in the PC wires and attach the earth strap. I wired in the coolant temperature and oil pressure guages to check the engines status when running. For some reason our PC isnt working right and isnt allowing the engine to start. When disconnected, we are getting a healthy 5-6 bar oil pressure and water temp.

Rear Lights

While i have been busy with wiring Bassett Seniors been mucking around with the rear arches and lights and gone from nothing covering the rear wheels to this

I gave him an unhelpful hand by doing the wiring connectors and ending up getting the wires in the wrong way round and leaning with my hand on the solder iron - not pleasant. Once i sorted the wiring and connectors back out he could get the lights in. One thing remains though, the number plate either wasnt with our kit or we have misplaced it even though we have checked everywhere!

Suspension Setup

This is going to be a very rough set up as we dont have the correct equipment or time to do it 100% accurately. Were using wood and fishing line to surround the car in a box that lines up with the hub nuts. To start we set the ride height to meet SVA requirements for the minimium rear light height setting. For the front we went 25mm lower than the rear to MNR spec's. We then measured the difference of the front and back of each wheel to the fishing line. We then adjusted the front tracking rods and rear wishbone track rod ends to suit the guidlines Marc at MNR recommended of slight toe out.

Camber is tricky, both being negative we set the top wishbone track rod ends to the same amount and checked with a spirit level and left it at that. As for the damping were leaving all at 5 as it seems common with other MNR builders and we are unlikely to have time to test till before SVA.