Sunday, 1 February 2009

Build Day 24 - Its Bloody Cold!!!!

My god is it cold out today. With the garage space tight as the cars track is rather wide and needing to work round the car its got to be moved out onto the drive. For most Sunday morning its been cold with a freezing breeze but about mid day it starts snowing - its better than rain atleast.

Exhaust Silencer

As mentioned in a previous post we have an MNR exhaust bracket which were not 100% happy with and wanted to fabricate something the right sixe but with time pushing on we have kept it and made it taller and deeper to accept our silencer with the bobbin at the side. We also bought some proper mikalor style exhaust clamps that will go through the SVA. Dad spent the morning fettling it to fit and its bolt to the chassis rail with two bolts and two bolts to the floor. With everything put together it is fully supporting itselt.

Brake Caliper and Hoses

Fitting the pads to the Wilwood calipers is a real breeze with the push in retaining clamps. Its really nice find bits like this designed to be strong, functional and quick to fit. I then mounted the caliper to the mounting bracket with some loctite and then bolted the unit to the uprights with more loctite and spring washers. With the wheels off we attached the safety washers to the top wishbones on the nut side as apparently these are needed to stop the rod end being pulled over the nut. These aren't needed on the bottom as our wishbones are flipped over so the bearing cannot be pulled through so I have finished it off with just washer on the nut side before the spacer. Next up is the braided Goodridge hoses - As MNR had only just started supplying these when we ordered them the hose thread is m10x1 whereas the Wilwoods are 1/8 NPT so we got some rather unsightly adapters until we can get new hoses. They dont tighten up 100% so were going to use a little PTFE tape. Were not sure its actually suitable for use with brake fluid but we used it only on the last threads hoping it wont be an issue. The hoses went together really easy on the caliper side but on the tight and hard to get to chassis side its, er - tight! Eventually though I got them tightened up. I wont know if there tight enough untill we have actually bled the system but we will soon find out.

Rear hoses were easier with no adapters needed as we have stock Sierra calipers and with the wheel off we just attached one end of the hose to the caliper and the other to the copper union with a lot more space to use a spanner compared to the front. However they are very close to the wheel so may need tieing down to avoid chaffing.