Saturday, 13 June 2009

Post SVA Modifications Part 1

Time to get on with all the bits we wanted to fit but due to time, sva requirements or money we have held them off till now

Steering Wheel

The OMP item is back on now the MNR unit has been sent back up north. We also fitted the centre emblem.

Rear Arch Splash Guards

The front arches are black and without anything else black on the body work they look slightly out of place.

MNR supplied us with some carbon effect ABS sheet like that used for the interior, pre cut, pre drilled and ready to fit. However due to our body tub with is slight convex curve. Some minor tweaking and there a nice shape. We drilled the current holes out to 3.2mm and transferred these to the arch whilst being held down with duck tape. Using some black rivets were both really happr with the results and it makes quite a difference to the look.

A terrible photo but you get the effect.


Another interior item ive chosen LED bulbs for the dash gauges using resistors to reduce the ampage for the LED's as they only need a milliamp of current to run. Heres how the dash used to look at night with the yellowy/tungsten sort of glow which is different from the bright blue and white LED light from the clocks and switches.

The new LED bulbs wired in. They look even better in reality and are a great upgrade for a few minutes work and cost next to nothing.