Sunday, 6 September 2009

Southern Kit Car Run

No building, modifying or adjustments today as I am off to join in the Southern Kit Car Run down to Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Musuem. Plan is an early start down to Sevenoaks where the South East owners would meet. I flew down to sevenoaks in an astonishing time as the MNR lapped up the cool air and empty tarmac. This made me rather early than most so I grabbed a quick snap of the freshly polised beast.

Jim and Tom turned up in there bike engined Fury's followed a few minutes later by Simon is his 7. We chatted all things kit car when the Riverhead church bell chimed so we kitted up ready for the arrival of the cars that met up from Wrotham. A healthy rumble bellowed from the surrounding area so we knew it could only be a convoy of kit cars. As the noise got lounder and louder the cars appeared at the mini roundabout in sleepy Sevenoaks and flooded the Harvester car park coming in one side and out the other so we jumped into the flow and started the 40 mile trek south. This wasnt a small convoy by any means, there were easily 20 plus mainly 7 type cars hurtling towards Lewes. The Sunday morning roads were still free so the taps were opened with the glorious noise of induction roar, exhaust boom and squealing rubber. To keep check on the convoy we stopped for a brief photo opportunity by Ashdown Forest

Back on the road and we went steadily for a few miles until we hit traffic, junctions and roundabouts bringing destruction to the convoy where it all went horribly wrong with everyone following someone else who was just driving witout a clue. Eventually though we found some directions and peace was restored with us all meeting at the target location in a quiet field by the cafe and musuem. Unfortunately my mini convoy had ended up behind the others which excluded mine from MNR line up which was a shame as its rare to see them at these sort of events.

It was great meeting everyone and especially good to have a dig around the other MNR's with the owners for advice, ideas and a chat about our builds as each one is so individual to the owner. Hopefully there will be another meet like this in the near future with an even bigger turnout and my copilot aka Dad can attend as he missed out on this one being being on holiday in the Lake District.