Sunday, 7 December 2008

Build Day 16

Body Tub Final Fitment

The fitment of the tub is something I think we have both been avoiding. But now we have completed everything and more upto this point we have got to stop thinking about what and how to do it and just do it. We have decided to go with rivnuts to attach the chassis as it makes the body removable and stronger than rivets. We didnt have a rivet nut tool so ebay turned up trumps with a Laser(0979) item delivered next day and at the same time we got 50 rivnuts for next to nothing compared to specialists like car builders solutions with free p+p.

We started at the back end of the car as we know its going to stay exactly where it is once pushed fully forwards which will effect the rest of the fit. We started with four on the back and 2 on each side on the back section. Our manufacturer recommended a 14mm spacer at the rear for correct fitment so we shapped some wood and put it in place. We opted for M5 rivnuts requiring a 7mm drill hole and used M5 blts with large washers which were hoping will be strong enough without removing much strength from the chassis. Heres the first series of rivnuts completed.

We fitted the scuttle loosely by trimming it for our wiring and steering support beam. Then it was just down to aligning it with the tub angled section and we taped it into place.

The bonnets sagged a bit from when we bought it so were hoping when its left on the scuttle for a week it might regain some shape. This also required trimming for the engine mount and R1 temperature sensor. The water feed from the thermostat could also prove to be an issue as it touches the bonnet and there is little we can do about that other than relocating the thermostat. With the hose removed we could get on to the nose cone and front tub fitment. This involved lots of careful trimming to get a smooth edge as the tub has quite an overhang preventing the nose cone from going on.

As you can see left without support the body flares outwards which needs to be address by bolting in place

With a bungie strap around the tub the whole thing fits much nicer

Now everything is fitting well, with a bungie strap! were going to carry on with using rivnuts to attach the tub to the chassis before we make final adjustments as fastened down it could make quite a difference to panel gaps.