Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year and a new deadline

Firstly Happy New Year to anyone who still reads the blog. With a New Year just beginning and with little recent driving or progress on the kit car we realised we need some deadlines to get the ball moving again. Dad has just ordered a new helmet and so we are going to be preparing the MNR Vortx for its very first trackday. Its currently a deadline without a date as we need to look into what events are available and when but we definitely have a quite a bit to get started on including the following

1) Trim the arches to stop contanct with tyres and make the wheels more easily removable.
2) Balance bar adjustment or New Mintex 1144 pads as there is so little feel from the current Wilwood smart pads.
3) Fit a second clutch spring to eliminate/reduce clutch slip
4) Check important bolted components are at correct torque and still in marked position.
5) Fit a more accessible fan switch
6) Bleed brake fluid and fill with 5.1
7) Modify an original R1 airbox to fit with performance filter and ducting to reduce noise for track days and reduce potential heat soak.
8) Have car professionally mapped for maximum power and reliability with and without new airbox.
9) Geometry set as accurately as possible at home or professionally if needed.

Hopefully it will end up reliable and more focused towards the track like this one.

Looking a few months back now and here are my snaps from a recent drive down to the chateau cafe. It was a hairy, wet drive down to meet the convoy from Sevenoaks but overall a great morning blast to catch up with some other kit car owners. A weird coincidence that we also saw Richard again after he introduced us to his yellow 1.6 pinto Tiger 2-3 years ago when we were looking at Tigers before selecting the MNR Vortx.

Dad has also made a great pair of wooden ramps as the new shortened pushrods make it even more difficult to get my jack under.

Lee, my Dads cousin has also been working on making our new paddleshift after the MNR one was only worthy of the bin due to a massive amount of flex. It looks great with nice smoothed edges and extra bracing welded to the back making it super strong. We couldnt be bothered to waste more money on spray paint so Dad brush painted it. It could be better but we really needed to get it fitted so it will do for now. As for shifting it is so much more direct as there is no movement unlike the MNR one.